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Erin is an artist-educator with an early career in corporate advertising and public relations.


As a high school art, innovation and leadership teacher, Erin spent the last 15 years helping young women prepare for futures in entrepreneurship and visual arts. She spent six years In Luxembourg Europe with her husband and children where she honed her creative skills and established her personal brand, Art by Erin.  


Erin embarked on the visual narrative MFA at School of Visual Arts to allow her imagination to wander and she will graduate with her Masters in 2023.


Fixations range from mixed media, writing dialogue, interior design to art theft. She is often spotted walking her dog, Riley in Delaware.

Painting Equipments

Erin McNichol's Ted Talk

As an artist, Erin has mixed feelings about blank canvases.


Whether we are artists or not, all of us have to contend with the “blank canvases” of our lives.


She summarizes her experience - in art, career, and life: "See the big picture." "Be kind to people." "Don’t try to get all the answers." "There’s no EZPass in life."


Find out why you should always “Cover your Lemon” while not being afraid to “Make a Mess”.


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